Friday, January 18, 2008

may brader poreber

To Renaldo Lapuz, good on you. The singing is definitely off key but nevertheless, I was hugely entertained by your performance. Your audition for a spot on American Idol is one for the books. It's an instant classic. Worst than the common cold, your original composition of a song (if that's what it is) is very infectious. In fact, the painful lyrics have been ringing in my head for more than an hour now. In a weird way, I'm actually very proud that we share a common birth place.

William Hung, move over. Here comes the fcuking messiah! Dayum, pimp it, man.

Look, within hours, the song's already spawned different covers.

The karaoke piece.

The kiddie version.

The oldies remix.

The girl power edition.



Brilliant, man. Absolutely brilliant. Mabuhay ang Lahing Kayumanggi!

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