Monday, January 14, 2008

not guilty

Look at what I found in today's issue of the Times.

"A mischief-maker known as the “Filipino Monkey” who listens in on ship-to-ship radio traffic in the Gulf and jams the network with obscenities and threats might have been behind the “bomb warning” that nearly triggered a military confrontation between the US Navy and the Iranians last week... Read more"

Already, Pepito is asserting his innocence.


mschumey07 said...

30 years is quite a long time. With the new technologies, the US hasn't solve this problem yet? No wonder they would rather bomb everything to oblivion than lean on good intel gathering. Shish!

kikomeister said...

i know. and if somebody wants to bomb a US submarine, why would they give a heads up? pasasabugin ko kayo, harharhar. ngekk, parang pelikula.

Hitori said...

Everything is fair in love and war, daw. So it's only right to give them a warning before blowing them out of the water. hehehehe.

Bat kaya "Filipino" pa napili nila no? Bat di na lang "American White Trash" or "Chinese Chinks".

kikomeister said...

apparently, may thick pinoy accent daw itong radio troll na 'to. kung mgamura siguro ganito: pakyu, paksyet, u san op a beach. hehe.