Friday, January 04, 2008

snow fall

Yesterday saw the first snow fall of the year this side of the world. Although, it didn't lay as the earth was too wet, it was still a joy to see. Never mind that it looked more like tiny crushed ice than actual snow flakes falling from the sky.

Because we don't have it in the Philippines, I always look forward to this weather phenomenon. Together with autumn leaves falling from the trees, I think it's one of the most beautiful things in this world. I remember the first time I experienced snow almost five years ago. I was in Texas (I participated in a 12 month International training program with Marriott hotels) and was working on a grave yard shift. Around one-thirty in the morning, the phone rang and it was the night auditor telling me that it was snowing.

I quickly ran outside the hotel and I found myself in awe with what was happening. The freezing air greeted me and there it was. Magic! It was quite a heavy snow fall, possibly at least a couple of inches. Everything was white. I felt peace. Calls were made to my parents and siblings and friends who cared to listen to me ramble on about the amazing experience. I stayed outside, in the middle of the car park, grinning and running like an idiot for at least thirty minutes.

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