Saturday, May 26, 2007

behave. if not, be careful

To my brother who'll leave tomorrow for Abu Dhabi to work for UAE's royal family as a physical therapist, good luck. Here's a few unsolicited advice from your kuya: Be good. Always remember that in a foreign land, you are a Filipino first and foremost. Don't be surprised if people ask for your nationality before they even inquire for your name. Do the lahing Kayumanggi proud by following the law and respecting your host country's culture and tradition. Be as courteous and friendly as you can.

Whenever you're feeling down, pray. Your family and friends may never be by your side but He will. Look after yourself. You'll make a lot of mistakes but it's always the lessons learned that matter. Don't forget to have fun. And lastly, there's this beautiful saying in India that goes: "When your back is bent, only then will people climb on it. So stand up straight and nobody will ever climb on your back."

All the best!


Sidney said...

A good advice!
Bon voyage to your brother!

Hitori said...


(thinking of my sister who's bound for the UK...)

kikomeister said...

thanks sid.



whereabouts in the uk?

Hitori said...

London, I believe. She works for Grant Thornton (audit firm).

kikomeister said...

resident of The City, eh? i like london but i wouln't want to live there.