Monday, May 07, 2007

hp (halo-halo potpourri)

Oh. My. God.

After viewing this for the nth time, I'm like a kid waiting to open his presents on Christmas morning. Except that this Christmas, I know this'll be better than the gifts I will receive. But this shouldn't discourage you from giving me presents, okay? I love gifts. The more, the many-ier!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix opens on July 13.


My favorite tennis player is back. Pete Sampras, arguably the greatest tennister who has ever lived, defeated Todd Martin to win Champions Cup of Boston. I don't think we will see him slugging it out with the circuit's younger players anymore. But just the same, I am very glad to learn he's playing again.


Today is bank holiday Monday in the UK. Unfortunately for me, I will be working.


Sidney said...

Enjoy your working day ! ;-)
When will they release the movie?

kikomeister said...

the movie opens on july 13.

boo said...

double-paid naman, diba kiko? =)

kikomeister said...

oo. dapat lang. how are you? will ring you one of these days. thanks for visiting.