Wednesday, May 23, 2007

impeng negro

People, this is Impe. He's a Sony Ericsson Z610 and I got him for free. My existing contract with 3mobile expires in a couple of weeks and I was offered an upgrade by the company since I've been a very good (their words, not mine) customer for the last 18 months. Plus, I only get a 12 month contract. The first six months of which, I only pay half the tariff. But that's not all, I also get 60 GB pounds credit. Good deal, innit?

The phone looks really cool. It's sleek and very stylish. I haven't explored it properly yet so I can't really tell you that much. However, I am a bit disappointed with the resolution of the pictures taken by its 2.0 megapixels camera. My old N70 (si Kulas) has the same mega pixels but its resolution is much clearer and the pictures are more crisper. And it doesn't have a flash so it's no use taking pictures in low light. Sure, it has night mode but why would you want to take your picture if you know the result will make you look like a phantom? Anyway, it's also a walkman phone so I really don't need to buy an MP3 player anymore.

So if ya'll excuse me, I have a phone to attend to.


Sidney said...

You must be a heavy phone user or texter!
Indeed, good deal! Very stylish phone! This will earn you a lot of pogi points with the girls! ;-)

kikomeister said...


mschumey07 said...

Love the phone. You got a very good deal, bro.

kikomeister said...

the phone can also get rss feeds and you can automatically blog the photos and videos taken by its camera.

rei said...

i named my z610i Aphrodite, it's in airy blue. they're a real looker. the only flaw is that you can't zoom the pictures you've already taken to check for blurred edges.

i really (heart) my phone.

kikomeister said...

i noticed that too. and i have to wipe it clean all the time kasi laging nagmamarka yung mga finger prints.