Friday, May 04, 2007

may the fourth be with you and other potpourri

A seatmate from college passed the Philippine bar exams recently. Tingnan mo nga naman, 'nung college pinapakopya ko pa siya sa quizzes namin sa ObliCon. Ngayon, attorney na!

The universe really has a wicked sense of humour.


Speaking of law, read this article about the judge who turned a Korean family's American dream into a nightmare.

What an A double S! And we still wonder why the US is so screwed up. It's so obvious he only wants to make money. I say the court costs and damages should go to the hapless dry cleaners for being terrorised and abused by this American idiot.


Carlos Celdran sticks it to the Man. What brilliant writing skills and sharp wit he has. Mlq3 decides to vote for Ang Kapatiran. And so does the pinoy who writes in Inibig ko ang Pilipinas. At least now I know I'm not the only one voting for them. Lastly, it looks like The Donald is coming to town. No, I'm not talking about the duck, quack!


Happy weekend y'all!


mschumey07 said...

Hi Kiko,

Thanks for the comment. But when perception is based on reality, the whole scenario changes. I live among the poor and know what's happening on the ground. Truth hurts and we have to live with that.

And by the way, I too am voting for Ang Kapatiran.

kikomeister said...

that makes four. yehey! i thought there was something wrong with your blog. iniba mo lang pala 'yung main page.

Sidney said...

Amazing and sad story about those dry cleaners!

Good news if people like Donald is ready to invest in the Philippines!

I can't vote! So the count stays at four! ;-)

kikomeister said...

i feel terribly sorry for the dry cleaners. i was thinking of them until i went to sleep the other night. now, if i can only sue the judge for emotional stress!

i really hope mr trump invests in the p. i.

and don't worry, i understand. !:-p